I'm Paul Lazenbury; also known as Spike, Lazer and XtremesPaul, dependent on when you met me. Originally from Southampton in the UK, but over the last 30+ years have been lucky enough to have lived and worked in many amazing places.Oz 1989I’m writing this blog site not as a travel reference guide or a “how to” guide, just a place for my observations and to say Thank You to the people I have met and that have helped me over the years.Cayman Island RugbyThe passions of my life are (and have always been) my family, friends and being outside. This has manifested itself in playing Rugby, Snowboarding, Mountain Biking/Cyclocross & Windsurfing/Kitesurfing.First JumpWith my automotive background, it has eabled me to work in such interesting places as Canada, USA, South Africa, Nederland’s, France and the Middle East. When this is combined with business trips, rugby tours and holidays I had some great experiences. Over the next couple of months, I will slowly add to this site with photos and blogs from trips both old and new.Berlin Wall with Frank and AlexSince 2009, Xtremes Management a Business Consultancy based in Dublin, Ireland have employed me as Director of Change, Learning and Development. So I still spend a lot of time working outside the UK, though my home is now in Poole Dorset.Paul & Frank at work Outside of work, I still enjoy teaching and have gained instructors qualifications in Snowboarding, Kitesurfing and Standup Paddle Boarding on behalf of Xtremes Learn2Ride. There is nothing better than seeing the big grin on students face once they’ve cracked it. Weather that be a first run down the hill without wiping out on a snowboard or the first time they standup and ride in control on a kitesurf board.Happy Student Happy StudentsDuring the Xmas holiday of 2014, I took up snowkiting and I’ll share images and feedback later.Snowboarding 1995 Snow kiting Day1 Cycling used to be way, I go around before I could drive. Now it just for fun, but is cycling in the UK with -5 degrees in January fun. Yes you bet, see the blogs and images on CX Sportive’s or my routes on the Garmin viewer.CX racing in JanuaryThis site is for fun and to share my experiences not a commercial activity. If you have any comments please do not hesitate to contact me via the site.  


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A great place to spend Xmas

Serre Chevalier, SnowMonkees, Xmas 2014

Serre Chevalier, SnowMonkees, Xmas 2014 Xmas 2014 was a strange one, I had planned to tour through Thailand, but following the ...

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We are, who we are, because..

We are, who we are, because.. As we go through life people influence the way we think and behave, some people ...

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22nd Southampton Cubs, Scouts & The Scouts Association

22nd Southampton Cubs, Scouts & The Scouts Association

22nd Southampton Cubs, Scouts & The Scouts Association. I’ve always had an interest in being active, as a child I passed through, 22nd Southampton ...

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Kite4Heroes, Kitesurfing the British Channel

Kite4Heroes, Kitesurfing the British Channel ARMY kitesurfers complete a gruelling 70 mile crossing of the channel (Link to ArmySailing) Kitesurfing across the British ...

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